Not too long ago, I was honoured to be featured as a “black boss” leader in this community and was asked whether leaders are born or made.  The turn around required for my response did not allow me the time to look up the data, so I went with my gut response:  probably a little of both but if I have to chose, leaders are made.  And indeed, when I checked the data, it confirmed that my instinct was correct.

The attention recently on the US election has had us collectively consider what it takes to be a leader.  For me, a leader is not necessarily someone who is an outspoken extravert, comfortable or craving the spotlight.  It is someone who is willing to take a risk and put their ideas into the world for the benefit of the greater good.

We here at the Design Your Life Centre pride ourselves on being leaders in our field, determined to fulfill our mission of fundamentally changing the conversation about mental health to being about health.  We are also determined to change the way mental health care is delivered by creating an exceptional client experience.

As part of this mission, we decided to put it in writing, all of it – our mission, our core values, and our why. We also asked our clients for their stories of transformation in order to help new and potential clients get inspired and excited to collaborate with us to design their lives.  It is with great pride that I share with you  The Design Your Life Centre Culture Book.  We welcome you to take a look and to share it with anyone you believe would benefit from this fresh perspective we hope will inspire more people to care for their mental health.

I am also excited to let you know that I have been asked to give my first key note speech ever! Yes, I am the first speaker to kick off  Impact Lives, a  3 day, online conference/workshop for clinician entrepreneurs from November 19-21, 2020.  I have been asked to speak to a condition that I know too many striving professionals struggle with: The Imposter Syndrome.

I am excited to address this group of clinician entrepreneurs and help them transition from asking themselves “Who am I to lead?”  to embracing the call to lead and come into their purpose.  Now more than ever, we need clinicians to be in the world, sharing what they know to empower as many as possible to optimize their health.  If you are a clinician or a coach that is feeling called to really increase your impact, this is an event that you do not want to miss.

Finally, my hope is that you had a chance to check out The Mindful World Parenting Summit last week while it was free.  If you missed it, don’t worry.  There is another event coming that I am about to start shooting (literally in a few minutes after I finish writing this newsletter)  that will be bringing together some of the most relevant talks from the past two years of the summit combined with the teachings of Ekhart Tolle and Milton’s Secret, the movie, based on Ekhart’s teachings that shows us a way to address stress, anxiety and bullying from a compassionate lens.  While access to the  Mindful World Parenting summit is now only available for purchase,  you can still watch Milton’s Secret for free. Click here to get your ticket.

Some have asked me why I give my time to events like the Summit.  It is simple:  because it aligns with my mission  to change the conversation about mental health so we can all come together, to create something better for all of us.  And the bonus gift for me as I go into unchartered territory, is the opportunity to witness what happens as I align with my highest self to serve the greatest good.

Thank you for listening and for joining me on this journey.  It is the fuel that keeps me going.


With Deep Respect, Always

Dr. Stacy & The DYL Team