The mission of The Design Your Life Centre is to help people fulfill their life’s purpose, which we believe, is to be their authentic selves.  To do this, we help people understand early life patterns that no longer serve them so that they can consciously create new ones that do. This is what it means to Design Your Life. 



  • Changing the World from The Inside Out

We believe that people who are aligned with the essence of who they are, are happier, more fulfilled, compassionate beings who have the courage to grow and discover their potential.  They fully show up in their lives, and their presence automatically has a positive impact on others. Helping as many people as possible actualize this reality is how we, at The Design Your Life Centre, can contribute to making the world a better place. 

  • Mental Health is a Human Right

We believe that mental health is a human right and that everyone, regardless of their financial means, should be able to access evidence-based tools and the support needed to implement them.  As such, we are always striving to find innovative ways to make what we do accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Accountability to Results

We are results oriented.  We therefore engage each client in crafting concrete goals and regularly measure our client outcomes.  We also obtain feedback regarding the strength of the therapeutic relationship we have with each client, both because we care, and because it is the best indicator of client success. 

  • Client-Centred, Scientist-Practitioners

As scientist-practitioners, everything we do is informed by the latest and best research in our field.  However, we are first and foremost client centred, and appreciate that not every evidence-based tool or approach is a good fit for everyone.  This is why we are all schooled in a range of tools and approaches and bring our creativity combined with our knowledge to adapt these techniques to fit each client’s unique needs.  

  • Team Work

All practitioners here work as a team.  We meet regularly to share new ideas and to discuss challenges in the context of our work in order to brainstorm creative solutions and support each other in our mastery and growth as practitioners. We believe that the client is best served by our collective genius.  Hence, it is not unusual for us to refer a client to another practitioner within the practice who has the kind of expertise to best meet the client’s evolving needs when required.

  • People-Centred Design

We are obsessed with great design and endeavor to create facilitative spaces both in person and online, that elevate, inspire trust, engender confidence and allow each person who engages with us to feel seen.  This appreciation for people-centred design permeates everything, from the first point of contact, to the look of our office, every form of communication, our social media content and how we present ourselves publicly.  

  • Diversity is Our Strength

Our perceptions are limited by our experience. This is a truth. This is why we endeavor to hire staff who reflect the diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identity, age and abilities of the population we serve. 

  • We Practice What We Preach

Everyone who is a part of the Design Your Life centre is expected to be actively involved in activities and practices to further their own personal growth and development, not only as practitioners, but as people.  We regularly set personal development goals, and support each other in the process of achieving them.