The decision to specialize in providing services to individuals and couples undergoing infertility treatment was inspired by awareness of the number of people who are suffering in silence as they try their best to navigate one of life’s most difficult journeys.  

If you are reading this, our guess is that this might be the hardest challenge you have ever encountered.  If you are anything like the 90% of clients we help, you are a high achiever, and this is the first time you have worked so hard, and walked away with so little.  If this were any other situation, you would have stopped by now. But you can’t. Because having the family of your dreams is part of Designing Your Life. It means too much. It means everything.  And so it feels like there is no other choice but to soldier on.

We get it. That is why we are so happy you are here.  Because we believe that your quest to invite more love into your life by having a family of your own, is the noblest quest there is and we are honored to have the opportunity to support you with everything we’ve got.  

As experts in the mind-body connection, mental skills training for performance, healthy lifestyle change, relationships, as well as the treatment of stress, depression, and all forms of anxiety (even phobias for the many needles that are often required) we are excited to share science-based tools with you that will not only help you manage your mental health, but have been proven to maximize your potential for success.  

We also know a lot about what people experience in the process of trying to conceive with the help of modern science, which means you won’t have to explain terminology to us. In fact, we are often asked by fertility clinics to provide counseling prior to IVF to help people understand some of the emotional and social issues they might not have thought about but are important to work through before proceeding with intervention.

Ready to get started?  We can’t wait to meet you.