I am a child of the Universe.

This is how I have always thought of myself.  My parents armed me with this perspective early in life as a way to respond to the question, “What are you?” – a question that anyone who defies easy categorization is destined to face. 

But this statement by which I have come to define myself represents more than a succinct explanation of my ethnicity.  It reflects a deep sense of respect and connection to other people, creatures, the planet, the galaxy and beyond. 

It reflects a commitment to living a life without limits.  An understanding that I deserve to be here. It is the reason why I have never questioned belonging in spite of never quite fitting in.  It is also why I have been welcomed in so many different circles and permitted to walk alongside countless others on their journey through darkness to finding the light within.  Because I see that light.  I have always seen that light no matter what the apparent differences on the surface. 

That statement reflects love.  The ability to listen, to empathize fuelled by a desire to truly know another. An understanding that I must first and foremost love myself so that I can share that love with others.

It also reflects the fact that despite my age, accomplishments and responsibilities, I will forever be a child.  Forever curious, forever fascinated, forever playful and open in expressing my enthusiasm and joy, forever questioning in order to understand how things work, and forever believing that the world can be a better place.

I am a child of the Universe.  This is who I am.  And whether or not you realize it, so are you.

Dr. Stacy 


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