“No pain, no gain”.  “Do or die”.  “Sacrifice” 

High performers accept these phrases as the foundation of their narrative. At its core,  that narrative is grounded in the belief that if you don’t push yourself through challenges, then you don’t want to achieve badly enough.  We are led to believe that this is the only way to succeed.  

Here’s the truth:  the mindset that focuses exclusively on the reward without regard for how you get there actually impedes performance.  It leads to burnout, takes the fun out of realizing your potential, and ultimately leaves you feeling disconnected from yourself, and others.

Achieving your best performance in anything demands a lot of time, energy, and focus. There are days when you can give your all, and there are days when this doesn’t seem possible.  This doesn’t mean you are any less dedicated.  It just means you are human.  

As a high performer in academics and sport, Gabrielle Iwaskow, psychotherapist and mental skills coach, knows this journey all too well.  Her experience as an elite soccer player combined with her training in Sport and Performance Psychology, has allowed her to witness just how powerful changing the inner dialogue can be for taking performance to the next level.  

Indeed, it is possible to feel good, balanced, and present, all while being in this high performing world. And in fact, intentionally practicing the mindset and the tools is what will make this goal a reality. 

Whether you are looking to restore a sense of balance, reconnect with the enjoyment and thrill of performance or are a corporate athlete wanting to up your inner mental game it is time that you reclaim the pursuit of excellence for the right reasons.  

Ready to discover your true potential? We know you are.