Becoming a parent is the most transformative experience that life has to offer.  And it’s not easy. The physical and lifestyle changes related to pregnancy and parenthood can often trigger feelings of great turmoil and even despair.  

As challenging as it can be, learning how to work through the many emotions that are part of the process, will not only help you feel more like yourself but can actually help you become your best self, which is good for you and everyone you care about, including those humans you have the opportunity to guide in this life. 

For those struggling emotionally during pregnancy and afterward, we provide treatment for :

  • Depression
  • Anxiety in anticipation of the birthing process
  • Pain management strategies
  • Fears of becoming a parent
  • Posttraumatic stress symptoms following a difficult delivery
  • Problems with Body Image 
  • Stress Management
  • Relationship challenges
  • Grief following a miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy


We also help parents who are looking for support:

  • To become more present in their lives and in their relationships with their children
  • To learn how to reparent the child within themselves so that they can show up for their kids as the parent they want to be


Ready to get started?  We can’t wait to meet you.