If you’ve ever found yourself growing tired of old life patterns, you’re not alone. Life is filled with constant patterns for everyone, but these patterns don’t have to be unpleasant or stressful.

We’re all living patterns. At The Design Your Life Centre in Toronto, our therapists and I regularly discuss patterns with our clients. While some patterns are positive for our lives, a stressful life indicates that we need to replace old patterns with new ones.

Research has shown that people need to develop skills to break old patterns, and replace them with new patterns that serve them better. Helping people identify and understand limiting life patterns they are stuck in and, more importantly, the skills they can practice to create new patterns that will allow them to truly design their lives is what we do best.

Helping people in this way is our mission. Because designing you life is not just about showing up for ourselves. It helps us show up better for others too, because when we live in a way that is aligned with who we are, we are happier, we feel purposeful and that automatically gives to those in our midst. This is how doing the inner work helps to make the world a better place.

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Take Care,
We look forward to seeing you soon and continuing to help you Design Your Life.

Dr. Stacy & The Design Your Life Team