Design Your Health

A 6-week program that will move you from “should-ing” to shining and thriving!


What if taking care of the one and only you was not something you had to motivate yourself to do?  What if caring for yourself didn’t require “will power”?  What might that be like?

These are the questions that we believe are worth exploring.  Because we know something else is possible.  It is entirely possible that you can feel inspired to take care of yourself.   Yes, inspired!  In case you are not sure what that means, it’s the state you are in when the mind, body and spirit are in alignment.  When you know how to create that kind of alignment, everything that follows flows naturally. Even activities that are physically hard and make you sweat can become experiences you not only engage in willingly but actually enjoy (yes, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true).  This is what happens when we are aligned and ready for whatever we feel inspired to do.

What is needed here is a focus on your beliefs about what is possible not just about your health, but about life more generally.  This is a time to look at what you value most and evaluate for yourself how the way you are living aligns with your important values and life goals.  And if none of it aligns, well it is a time for some soul searching, deep understanding and a dismantling of the beliefs that are indeed holding you back from living the life you deserve.  

It is this understanding of yourself, of all that you aspire for, that will form the foundation of any good design that you craft for your health and your life more generally.  

These are the conversations that really excite us and it is precisely why we put together this program.  For people like you who are aware but not quite ready to make changes you know, deep down, are needed to really thrive in your life. 

Here is a little of what you can expect when you sign up for this journey:

  • 6, 1.5 hour group sessions with a Design Your Life Health Coach who will teach you exercises designed to challenge beliefs that are keeping you stuck, expand your understanding of yourself, and create new beliefs that are better aligned with becoming truly healthy in every way
  • Learn how to set goals you can achieve and experience what it’s like to build on success
  • Experience the support of a group who is motivated to cheer you on every step of the way
  • Mine the group for its’ collective genius to problem solve through new challenges that can arise, (especially in the context of this ever changing pandemic life)
  • Have the opportunity to foster your strength by mentoring and supporting others 
  • Accountability to ensure follow through with  your goals
  • Instant access to the private Design Your Health facebook group where you can connect with the group whenever needed between sessions, gain access to helpful and expertly vetted content, and the opportunity to attend FB Live events featuring our network of expert wellness professionals
  • Handouts with each group session 

WHEN:  1 hour meetings on Thursday Afternoons from 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM on the following dates:

  • April 8th
  • April 22nd
  • May 6th
  • May 20th
  • June 3rd
  • June 17th


COST:  $425 + HST 

There is a maximum of 10 people per group so do not delay.  Spots will fill up quickly

Questions?  Feel free to email Gabrielle Iwaskow to learn more at