The opportunity to mentor and supervise health professionals and students has been one of the more rewarding aspects of my career to date.  I am dedicated to supporting other therapists in the provision of high quality mental health services.  I also consult to health professionals to improve their ability to interact effectively with patients that present with mental health barriers to treatment.

As a supervise, you can expect the level of support provided to be tailored to your specific needs depending on the extent of your training and experience.  In addition to ensuring that you are serving your clients well, I am also interested in your development as a therapist.  Therefore, in addition to guiding the treatment plan, there may be times when supervision involves helping you work through your own thoughts and feelings in response to your clients.

Similar to a client seeking therapeutic services, a clinician looking to be mentored in the delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy or Motivational Interviewing can expect the first session to include an assessment to determine the goals of professional development.  The following sessions will start with a mutually agreed upon agenda, and end with feedback regarding how well the goals of the session were met.  Goals to work on between sessions will also be collaboratively determined.

In order to qualify, the clinician must have their own professional liability insurance.