While working towards my Honours BSc Degree in Biology and Psychology at McMaster University (1989-1993), I took a course called Behavioural Medicine which blew my mind.  I learned that the extent to which psychological processes influenced aspects of human functioning assumed to be purely “physical” is extraordinary.  This particular course was most instrumental in my decision to become a psychologist. 

I had previously aspired to become a psychiatrist, but feared that path would relegate me to primarily treating mental health problems with medications.   I didn’t find prescribing nearly as interesting as using a “talking cure” to mobilize the client’s inner resources to make positive changes. 

I obtained my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Waterloo (1994-2000) where I was fortunate to be trained by giants in the field.  I capitalized on their expertise by taking every opportunity to work with very complex clients under their supervision.  The range of treatment approaches to which I was exposed combined with a solid grounding in the scientist-practitioner model, ensured my ability to work flexibly and methodically with clients.  

Since obtaining my Ph.D., I have continued to develop my skills through specialized training in trauma therapy, hypnosis, sport and performance psychology and infertility counseling.